Business Intelligence System Strategies and Organizational Success in Public Hospitals in Rivers State, Nigeria


This paper examined business intelligence System strategies and organizational success of public hospitals in Rivers State, Nigeria.  The objective was to investigate the relationship between data mining, Online Analytical Processing, Querying System, Report System and organizational success of the public hospitals in Rivers State. Primary data were sourced from a sample size of two hundred and thirty four medical personnel. The test for the internal consistency of the instrument was conducted using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient (r) which yielded a reliability index of 0.89. Mean and standard deviation were used to examine the extent to which business intelligence affect performance; Spearman’s rank order correlation coefficient was used to test the null hypotheses. The findings of this study found data mining, online analytical processing, querying systems and reporting systems significantly relate to the success of public hospitals in Rivers State; there is a significant relationship data mining, online analytical processing, querying systems, reporting systems and quick decision making as well as time saving, significantly moderates relationship between business intelligence systems and organizational success in public hospitals in Rivers State. The study therefore conclude that business intelligence have significant effect on performance of the hospitals. We   recommend    that federal and state government should overhaul the health services and bring them into the mainstream of business intelligence scheme.

Keywords: Business Intelligence, Organizational Success, Processing, Public Hospitals, Querying System

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