Performance Improvement Strategy of Sumsel Babel Bank


Sumsel Babel Bank (BSB) is a regional bank that is demanded to be Bank Regional Champion (BRC) in its own region. The tight competition in the bank industry caused BSB to have the proper strategy to face and win the competition. This study aims to identify performance of BSB, analyze internal and external factors that affect the performance, and formulate the strategy to improve performance of BSB to be a BRC in the region using descriptive method, Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix, External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix, SWOT Matrix and Architecture Strategy. There were 12 alternative strategies chosen as BSB’s performance improvement strategy based on the result of SWOT Matrix. Based on Architecture Strategic results, the sequence of strategies for the next five years starting from improving the quality of human resources and IPO for additional capital. This strategy is expected to improve BSB performance.

Keywords: Architecture Strategy, Bank of Sumsel Babel, EFE, IFE Matrixs, Performance, SWOT Matrix

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