The Knowing-Doing-Gap and the Role of the Entrepreneurial University in the Development of the Knowledge Economy


The focus of this research is to bridge the gap between knowledge and action, which is known as (The Knowing-Doing-Gap); especially in the fields of new technologies. Although there are many discussions on this issue from a micro perspective – for example, Braun – focusing on a managerial approach in dealing with new knowledge, other researchers focused on the problem at the macro level introduced by Röpke. This research explores both approaches, Röpke’s and Braun’s, to find solutions for the Knowing-Doing-Gap problem on both levels, the Micro and the Macro. The research explored both methodologies and found that both approaches complement each other in providing a general solution to Knowing-Doing-Gap through transforming universities into entrepreneurial universities

Keywords: Development, Economy, Entrepreneurial University, Knowing Doing Gap

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