The Role of Intellectual Capital in Achieving Organizational Innovation Study of the Case of “Ain Touta” Cement Company, Algeria


The study aims to investigate the role of intellectual capital with its three dimensions:  (human capital, structural capital and customer capital ) in achieving organizational innovation, by studying the case of “Ain Touta” cement company at the province of Batna in Algeria. To reach this objective, we have designed a questionnaire composed of 30 expressions, and adopted 50 samples of the statistical community consisting in permanent workers at the company. In order to analyze the obtained data, we have used many statistical methods through which the study found a set of results, most notably, the existence of strong correlation and positive impact between intellectual capital with its (three) dimensions and organizational innovation in “Ain Touta” Cement Company, province of Batna, Algeria. The study concluded with a set of recommendations whose the most important are: increasing interest to intellectual capital because it is one of its most valuable assets, as well as the need to tend towards customers by knowing their propositions, listening to their grievances, working to resolve them in order to gain their satisfaction, and developing a relationship with them, in addition to adopting the principle of authority delegating to administrative levels, to let workers gain confidence in their abilities to make decisions and solve their problems

Keywords: Intellectual Capital, organizational innovation, “Ain Touta” Company.

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