Effect of Corporate Earnings on Stock Price of Selected Oil and Gas Companies in the Nigerian Stock Market (2004-2013)


The study was set out to examine the effect of corporate earnings on share price of selected oil and gas firms in the Nigerian Stock market from 2004-2013. The study adopted Ex-post facto research design. The data for this study were collected from Nigerian stock exchange fact book and published annual reports of the various companies through manual and online retrieval method. The data was analyzed individually and as a pool using multiple regression technique. The findings from the study showed that there is positive correlation and significant relationship between Earnings per share, Price earnings ratios, Dividend per share and Shares price of the selected oil and gas companies in Nigeria. It was recommended that investors should always engage experts when making investment decision to scrutinize the financial statements in order to help mitigate risks. Also, regulatory bodies should be more proactive in monitoring the activities of companies especially when quarterly earnings are announced as their effort will drastically improve the quality of the financial information disclose by management.


Keywords: Corporate Earnings, Oil and Gas Companies, Stock Prices

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