Conflict is as inevitable in every organization as change. Conflict is a potential element in all human interactions. Conflict can be harmful but also useful in achieving desired goals. Conflict resolution plays a vital role in the growth of an organization as it fosters creativity and innovation. The focus of the study was to analyse conflict resolution policies and practices, and employee perception of these conflict resolution policies in the sampled organization. A self-administered questionnaire was employed and administered among the management and staff of the sampled International Organisation in Accra, Ghana. Convenience sampling method was used in selecting 55 respondents from the various units of the organization and descriptive statistics were employed for analyzing the data collected. For the data analysis, SPSS (21.0) was used. The findings of this research revealed some major causes of conflict in the organizations. This research identified the conflict resolutions policies that the organization has put in place to manage and resolve conflict in the organization, and employees’ perception of these policies.

Keywords: Conflict Resolution, Organizations

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