Ethical Issues in Advertising and Marketing: An Empirical Analysis of the Hindrances to Efficient Marketing and Product Communication Management in Kenya


Ethics consists of certain rules and standards of conduct recognized as binding in a professional body or an association. When we consider corporate morality, we must conclude that no price is too high, for in the long run, we have no alternative to ethical business behaviour. This research sought to find out key ethical issues in marketing and advertising management in Kenya. Key variables in this research were stakeholder satisfaction, value based observance, privacy enhancement and harm prevalence in the marketing and advertising campaigns of companies. The researcher employed empirical analysis using statistical tools such as analysis of variance (ANOVA), Component analysis and Regression analysis. From the discussions of the focus groups as well as the research objectives, it was established that companies have turned a blind eye on ethical marketing and advertising and are only motivated by profits. It was recommended that ethics be employed as a driver to efficient and effective marketing and advertising management in Kenya.

Keywords: Efficient Marketing, Ethical Advertising, Stakeholder Satisfaction, Value Embracement

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