Histomorphological Alterations of the Alveoli Cells of Adult Wistar Rats Following Second Degree Exposure to Smoked Leaf of Nicotiana Tabaccum Using Adult Wistar Rats


Introduction: The present study was aimed at investigating the effects of second degree exposure of Nicotiana Tabaccum leaf smoke on the alveoli cell in the lungs using adult wistar rats. Experimental procedure: Thirty-six wistar rats were used for the study. The experiment’s duration was four weeks.The rats in subgroups A were exposed to smoke from 0.5g of sterile cotton wool, while those in subgroups B, C and D were exposed to 0.2g/kg bw, 0.4g/kg bw and 0.8g/kg bw of Nicotiana tabaccum dry leaf smoke respectively, mixed with 0.5g of sterile cotton wool. Results: lungs showed lymphocytic infiltrations, alveolar degeneration and mild pneumonitis in the alveolar septa.The results showed that the doses of 0.4 and 0.8g/kg bw of the extract significantly increased the percentage of lymphocytic infiltrations in the alveolar septa (P<0.05) from 1.0±30.5 at the end of week 1 (1st stage) to 0.8±65.6 at the end of week 4 (3rd stage), while the lymphocytic infiltration ssignificantly increased (P<0.05) from 107.5± 2.00 at week 1 to 347.5±43.1 (ml-1) at the week Conclusion:Nicotiana tabaccum smoke could adversely affect the cell of the alveolar septum of adult male wistar rats.

Keywords: Alveolar, Nicotiana tabaccum, lymphocytic infiltrations

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