Diabetes- A Neurodegerative Disease: an Investigation into the Ameliorative Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Copaifera Salikounda


Objective: This study aims at investigating the possible ameliorative effects of the fruit pod of Copaifera salikounda on the histoarchitectural changes of the limbic system in diabetes induced rats which may affect cognition and learning. Materials and methods: Group 1 served as control and received normal saline. Group 2, the diabetic untreated group received a single intraperitoneal injection of 200 mg/kg body weight of alloxan monohydrate. Group 3 was treated with low dose (200mg/kg) body weight of the extract. Group 4 was the treated high dose (400mg/kg) body weight of the extract. Results: On examination, the histological section revealed various things about the limbic system of diabetic rat. The non-diabetic group showed normal histological appearance. The diabetic untreated group showed disorganization and dispersion of pyramidal cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm, haemorrhage and some areas of cell loss. They were cell regeneration in the groups that received Copaifera salikounda especially as it affects pyramidal and glial cells. The dentate gyrus became more prominent as the dosage increased and compact arrangement of the granule cells. Conclusion: The extract may be good in cell regeneration and diabetic high risk individual may need some daily dose of Copaifera salikounda fruit pods as part of their meal.

Keywords: Alloxan; Ameliorative; Copaifera salikounda; Diabetes; Limbic system; Regeneration.

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