Art Procedure and Genomic Imprinting: Any Concern for the Sub-Saharan Africa Setting


ART has become the mainstay treatment modality for significant number of infertile involves numerous steps culminating into subjecting the gametes and early developing embryos to some forms of environmental stress. ART procedures tend to coincide with the period of DNA demethylation and methylation that form the basis of parental imprint during gametogenesis, fertilization and early embryonic development. Hence possible source of imprint disorder necessitating the need for investigating the association. Recent findings have demonstrated the association of ART and imprinting disorders ion animal studies. While case series from the registries suggest association in children with Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, Angelman syndrome and Retinoblastoma. Though, more recent studies could not substantiate it independent of other factors such as inherent infertility. 

Keywords: Art, Epigenetic, Genomic Imprinting, Imprinting Disorder

Article Review Status: Published

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