Psychological Dividends of Social Skill Training (SSTT) and Group Therapy Techniques (GTT) in the Management of Psychopathology Associated With Schizophrenia in the South / West Nigeria


Introduction: No Psychological disorder is more crippling than schizophrenia. Characteristically, disturbances of thought processes, perception, and affect invariability result in a severe deterioration of social and occupational functioning. Therefore, this research was carried out to assess the efficacy of psychological management in the reduction of psychopathology associated with schizophrenia Methodology: The research adopted the between subject 4 x 4 factorial design, using four hundred and twenty five (425) patients. The settings were selected purposively while the subjects are assigned to SSTT only, ‘GTT’ only, combination of ‘SSTT and GTT’, and control. The treatment lasted for eight (8) weeks three (3) null hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Results: The results showed that only combination of SSTT and GTT had impacts on the reduction of psychopathology associated with schizophrenia. The result also showed that chronic patients with schizophrenia improved better than acute patients’ .Conclusion: It was concluded that not a single psychological management method can reduce the psychopathology associated with schizophrenia. Therefore, eclectic approach should be involved in the management of patients with schizophrenia.

Keywords: Acute Schizophrenia, Chronic Schizophrenia, Psychological dividends, Psychopathology, Social Skill (SSTT) Group Therapy (GTT)

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