Stress, Types of Stressors and Coping Strategies Amongst Selected Nursing Schools Students in South-West, Nigeria


Stress among other things contributed immensely to the development of an individual positively and negatively depending on adopted coping strategies, hence, this study explored stress, types of stressors and coping strategies among student nurses. Methodology: A cross sectional descriptive design was adopted, with 285 respondents’ selected using multi-stage sampling technique. Three standardized instrument were used; Self-Reported questionnaire; perceived stress scale and coping inventory scale. Result: The mean age of respondents were 20.24±2.3 of which female dominated (87.7%). The level of stress expression were mild (50.2%), moderate (33.7%) and severe (16.1%). Stress from assignment /workload was the highest among stressors reported with mean value of 9.40±3.68. There is a positive correlation between the total stress and total coping behaviour utilized by the respondents. Conclusion: The study concluded that the respondents utilized appropriate coping strategies in addressing minimal stress level exposure.     

Keywords: Coping Strategies and Student Nurses, Stress

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