Opportunity of Organic Farming to Improve Socio-Economic Life of Nepalese Farmers


Organic farming is important for the good health of human beings and environment. Number of organic farmers is increasing in Nepal because of the increasing awareness on environment and climate change. The aim of this study was to explore the opportunity of organic farming to improve the socio-economic life of Nepalese farmers. The study was based on the mixed research design. Data was collected from four districts of Nepal and purposively 578 organic farmers were selected. The study shows that main source of Nepalese farmer is agriculture and conventional farming practice was more similar to the organic farming so that there is very easy to practice of organic farming. Demand of organic product is increasing in the National and international market and farmers are getting good return also. increased awareness on climate change, message dissemination from the experiences farmers and experts, economic benefit, social recognition, support of concerned organization are some factors which supporting to create the opportunity of organic farming. There is need of wider dissemination of benefit of organic farming and local development plan should address and implement the activities to train the farmers.

Keywords: Nepalese Farmers, Opportunity, Organic farming, Socio-Economic Life

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