Socio-Economic Importance of Chrysophyllum Albidum G. Don. In Rainforest and Derived Savanna Ecosystems of Ondo State, Nigeria


This study was carried out to determine the socio-economic importance of Chrysophyllum albidum in rainforest and derived savanna ecosystems of Ondo State and examines its level of domestication. From each ecological zone, a local government area (LGA) with good concentration of C. albidum trees was selected. The study covered a total of ten villages (i.e. five from each ecosystem). From each village, five farm households with C. albidum trees on their farms were selected. A structured questionnaire was administered on the head of each household. Results identified evidence of C. albidum trees domestication in the two ecosystems. C. albidum fruitis economically important in the two ecosystems and contributes to the socio-economic life of the people. Factors affecting the price of C. albidum fruits in the two ecosystems were fruit taste and fruit size. Thus, the demand will improve if sweeter and bigger sized fruits are produced through domestication programme

Keywords: Chrysophyllum Albidum, Domestication, Ecosystems, Forest Food Trees, Nigeria, Socio-Economic Importance

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