Does Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Firms Performance in Nigeria?


The social responsibility disclosure has become a widely and persistent debated topic of discussion in the Nigerian academic community given the effects that business environment activities have on employees, communities, clients, society, business associates, shareholders, and environment. The global economic challenges which have hinder effective operation in the deposit money banks to operate thereby reduce their performance.  It is against this backdrop that this study examined the effect of social responsibility disclosure and firm performance in Nigeria. Social responsibility disclosure as the explanatory variables was proxied with environmental disclosure, governance disclosure, human resources disclosure and community disclosure while the response variable is the firm performance. The sampling technique were adopted by the reviewed studies. A mixed approached of data were used (primary and secondary sources of data were extraction from both questionnaires and the annual report and accounts from various studies. Theory and hypotheses were adopted and multiple regressions were used to analysis their data. Based on the reviewed studies, it was established that environmental disclosure and human resources disclosure are insignificant effect on the firm performance, while the governance disclosure has a significant effect on firm performance, while the community disclosure is positive and insignificant influencing firm performance. It is recommended among others that companies should engage the speciality on environment reporting to reduce the performance on the firms. Also, firms should improve by participating in community services for better disclosure the community activities and maintain the current governance disclosure level because has been found empirically to increase the firm performance. 

Citation: James George Apochi and   Samuel Eniola Agbi  (2022) Does Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Firms Performance in Nigeria? European Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance Research, Vol.10, No. 9, pp.1-12

Keywords: Environmental, Governance, Human Resources, community disclosure, firms’ performance


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