Research Factors Affecting the Decision on Savings Deposit Of Individual Customers at Tan Binh Sacombank, Ho Chi Minh City


The study of factors affecting the decision of individual customers to choose a savings at Tan Binh Sacombank was conducted by surveying 295 individual customers who have been depositing savings at Tan Binh Sacombank through prepared questionnaires. The main objective of the study is to find out the factors that affect the decision of individual customers to choose savings at Tan Binh Sacombank. The results of testing hypotheses of the research model have shown that there are only 06 independent variables that have a linear correlation with the dependent variable – Savings deposit decision of individual customers at Tan Binh Sacombank is sorted by descending order includes Interest rate of the bank (β = 0.567); Convenience of the bank (β = 0.315); Bank staff (β = 0.275); Bank brand (β = 0.268); Promotion (β = 0.261) and Influence acquaintances (β = 0.169). Based on the research achieved results, the author will propose some governance implications to continuously improve the quality of effective savings deposit service, contributing to attracting individual customers to save money at Tan Binh Sacombank in the future.

Keywords: Factor analysis, Tan Binh Sacombank, savings deposit service

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