Re -Engineering Vat Administration in Nigeria for Economic Development


The study examined the possibility of “Re-engineering VAT Administration in Nigeria for Economic Development (1994-2014)”. The study used  across sectional survey design involving the survey of existing data (secondary sources). The research instruments used in collection of data for this study were mainly secondary data from the FIRS Website, CBN & NBS Annual Statistical Bulletins. This study used the econometric technique of Ordinary Least Square (OLS) in form of Multiple Linear Regressions. The regression model was estimated through the use of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study found that VAT is of immense benefit to government. Through taxation, government ensures that resources are channeled towards important projects in the society. However, VAT is being mismanaged in Nigeria as the study has conclusively revealed that: There is no significant relationship between value added tax and revenue growth in Nigeria, there is significant relationship between value added tax and the consumption pattern in Nigeria and there is no significant relationship between value –added tax and the economic development in Nigeria from 1994-2014. Therefore, the study recommends that: Efforts should be made by the government to fight corruption and if possible, introduce capital punishment depending on the degree of mismanagement of public funds or  embezzlement of public funds to deter those who steal VAT funds. Also value added tax (VAT) Act should be amended further to impose VAT based on destination principle. This will enable VAT to be imposed on imported services rendered by a non-resident company outside Nigeria.

Keywords: Administration, Economic Development, Government Revenue, Re-Engineering, Value Added Tax, consumption patterns

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