Effect of Competence User Information System, the Quality of Accounting Information Systems Management and Implications Insatisfaction User Information System (State Owner in Sumatera Selatan)


Accounting Management Information System (MAIS) is an information system generally. MAIS management accounting information system is an important part of the overall enterprise information systems. Management accounting information system development and application of management accounting information system, a human resources research important. Aim Accounting Management Information System (MAIS) to test the effect of the competence of the Quality Information System users MAIS and its implications for user satisfaction information systems to look for more specific information which helps to strengthen the information about strategic issues from informal sources. The research was conducted at 32 State-Owned Enterprises in the district and city in Sumatera Selatan. To avoid any misunderstanding of the users of information systems, have implications for the satisfaction of users of information systems, information systems User Competence is an important factor in the spread of management accounting information systems

Keywords: Accounting Information Systems Management, User Competence, user satisfaction

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