Effectiveness of Audit Committee Practices and the Value of Listed Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria


This research study examines the effectiveness of audit committee and as well explores the relationship between audit committee effectiveness and the value of deposit money banks in Nigeria. The followings were identified as audit committee characteristics (Internal control, the integrity of financial reporting, commitment of audit committee members and meeting) and were used in identifying the effectiveness of audit committee. Eight questions-survey questionnaires related to the four identified characteristics were administered to 55 respondents spread amongst the five sampled banks. The questionnaire enables the study to seek the perceptions of the respondents on the effectiveness of audit committee in deposit money banks in Nigeria. The Chi Square statistical tool was used to test the two study’s hypotheses. The study finds that the Characteristics of Audit Committee practices relates to the effectiveness of Audit committees’ of the deposits money banks in Nigeria, hence portraying the committee’s effectiveness in performing its functions, the effectiveness of audit committee does not necessarily improve or otherwise on the value of the deposits money banks and results also indicate that activities as relate meeting of the audit committees’ of deposit money banks are not clearly stated in the annual accounts of the banks. It therefore recommends that detail issues of meetings of audit committees be clearly stated and or included in the annual reports of the banks.

Keywords: Audit Committee, Corporate Governance, Deposit Money Banks

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