The oil industry and missed opportunities in Iraq Dr Abdul Jaleel Oda Hussain


The depth and breadth of the analysis of the oil industry in Iraq can make the subject seem daunting to any scholar or individual with substantial interest in the subject. The aim of this research is not to explore the technical elements of oil and gas or even the oil industry in its entirety. This research will focus on delivering the analysis of the oil industry from a macroeconomic perspective; this approach will enable the research to address national economic issues, which will illustrate the macrocosmic effects of the practices of the oil industry in Iraq without needing to delve into microcosmic details, and the following matters will be discussed:
1 – A brief look into oil and gas Industry highlighting its present.
2 – Discussing the views that claim that the wealth of oil and gas have not been used for the purpose of economic and social development.
3 – Predicting the future of oil and gas industry in Iraq and speculate on what could be lying ahead.
4 – Suggesting appropriate policies in the field of oil and gas, in light of contemporary Iraqi economic and political transformations.

Keywords: Iraqi economic policies, Oil and gas industry, missed opportunities

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