The New Fraud Diamond Model: How Can It Help Forensic Accountants In Fraud Investigation In Nigeria?


Fraud has been associated with human organisation from recorded history. Investigating and detecting fraud is not an easy task and requires thorough knowledge about the nature of fraud, how it can be committed and concealed. Forensic Accountants are increasingly being asked to play an important role in helping organisations investigate, prevent and detect fraud. This paper aims at broadening Forensic Accountants knowledge about fraud and why it occurs. The paper adopts secondary source of data to explain Wolf and Hermanson fraud theory and shows its relevance, presents the other fraud models and relates them to Wolf and Hermanson’s model, and proposes a “New Fraud Diamond Model’’ that Forensic Accountants could use when assessing the risk of fraud in Nigeria.

Keywords: Forensic Accountants, Fraud, Fraud Detection, Fraud Diamond Model, Fraud Investigation

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