Whistleblower Reward and Systems Implementation Effects on Whistleblowing in Organisations


Whistleblowing has become a major concern globally following tremendous organisational misconduct that had befallen huge organisations and has ultimately led to the collapse of some organisations, with its trickling down effects translating into global economic meltdown. Several countries have adopted and signed up to whistleblower acts including Ghana as a way of addressing this challenge of corruption and fraud, for which some organisations have implemented whistleblowing systems and provided reward systems to encourage whistleblowing. The study employs fisher’s exact test to analyse the effect of whistleblowing implementation systems in organisations in Ghana and its associated reward systems effects on whistleblowing. It observes that, these have not been as effective as desired, particularly as whistleblowing implemented systems have minimal or no effect and reward systems intended to motivate whistleblowing fails to motivate its essence such that, the presence of these systems have not impacted on organisational productivity.

Keywords: Corruption, Fraud, Punitive, Reported Misconduct, Reward systems, Sufficiency of whistleblowing implementation systems, Whistleblower, Whistleblowing

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