Corporate Farud: Causes, Effects and Deterence on Financial Institutions in Ghana


The purpose of the study is to find out the causes, effects and deterrence and prevention of corporate fraud in financial institution of Ghana. In particular, we examine the effects of fraud on firm’s financial performance. A cross sectional model was used to find the effects of financial institutions fraud on financial performance. It was revealed that, fraud has a significant negative effects on financial performance i.e. Return on Assets of financial institutions in Ghana. However, structured questionnaires was also used to find out the perception of Accountants, Auditors and management on the main causes of banking fraud and  deterrence and prevention methods in curbing the menace. It was revealed that weaker internal control, inadequate training and fraud policies, failed Documents and proper Remuneration are the strong arsenal that causes fraud in financial institutions of Ghana. Moreover, organizational use of password protection, Good Remuneration, Employees background Checks, adequate fraud training were perceived as the most deterrence and prevention method in fighting fraud in financial institutions. Our results have practical implication for management, accountants, Auditors and all stakeholders in financial institutions on the effects of fraud on firms financial performance and in mounting fool proof methods in curbing this canker and reducing it to bearest minimum. The study contributes deterrence and prevention methods aim at improving it effectiveness in reducing fraud in Ghana and West Africa.

Keywords: Fraud, Ghana, Return on Assets, deterrence and prevention, financial institutions

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