Psychological Squelae (PTSD) Following Flooding in a North Central State of Nigeria


In August 15, 2016, there was a heavy down pur leading to Ado river in Karu local government of Nasarawa State overflowing its banks resulting in flooding in which about 500 houses properties were destroyed and some residents lost their lives. The researchers found it necessary to assess the psychological sequelae associated with the flooding and how people were coping. Cross sectional descriptive design was sued to study 257 respondents selected through multistage sampling technique. Respondents were administered with PTSD checklist and coping styles apart from the demographic characteristics of respondents. Of the 257 respondents, the most frequent psychological sequelae (PSTD) were destruction of personal property (96.1%), being evaluated from the community (96%), being startled (88%). Higher percentage of male respondents put up active coping strategy while 48.5% adopted active coping styles. 85% of female respondents and 75.6% males turned to religious activities as coping styles.It was concluded that post-traumatic stress disorder should be considered anytime a natural disaster like flooding occurs. In such occasion mental health of the community members should be protected it was recommended that adequate channelization should be carried out and community member should be discouraged from dumping refuse in the camals.

Keywords: Flooding, PSTD, Psychological sequelae, north Central

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