The Best Method of Reading Story Books to Children


This study is designed to investigate and discuss about the unsurpassed method of reading story books to children. In effect, this study is proposed to shed light on the significance of reading to children as well as the method which can accomplish this process or activity as best as possible. To reach the aim of this study, some of the principal subjects, topics, and points, along with some theory which can be related to the goal of article are introduced, explained, and discussed. Afterword, they are followed by a precise discussion and conclusion.Overall, this study attempts to highlight the importance of dialogic reading method in the process of reading story books to children. For the most part, this article detects and reveals the gains and benefits of the issue, or to be more exact, it tries to clarify the most effective method for the activity of reading story books to children. The findings highlight the importance of dialogic technique for reading story books to children in addition to the benefits of this method

Keywords: Dialogic Technique, Shared Book Reading, Story Book Exposure, Story Books

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