Psychological Correlates of Truancy among Secondary School Students


This study investigated the psychological correlates of truancy among secondary school students. A sample size of 339 (three hundred and thirty-nine) SS 2 secondary school students were drawn using purposive sampling technique. The research adopted a correlational design and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Statistical tool. Three research questions and corresponding hypotheses were stated for investigation. The instrument for attitude to school, self-concept and locus of control measured   0.68, 0.64 and 0.72 respectively. The result of the study revealed that there was a positive correlation between students’ attitude to school and truancy, a weak negative correlation between self-concept and truancy, a strong positive correlation exists between locus of control and truancy. It is recommended that federal and state ministry of education should include moral education in the school curriculum.

Keywords: Attitude to School, Locus of Control (internal and External), Self-Concept, Truancy

Article Review Status: Published

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