Marital Stress and Extraversion Personality as Predicators of Job Satisfaction among Married Women Teachers in Nsukka, Nigeria


The paper investigated marital stress and extraversion personality as predictors of job satisfaction among married women teachers in Nsukka, Nigeria. Two hundred married women teachers participated in the study. Three inventories including marital stress inventory (MSI), BFI sub-scale on extraversion personality and Minnesota satisfaction questionnaire (MSQ) were used for collection of data. Multiple regression analysis was employed to analyse the data. Two null hypotheses were tested: 1. Marital stress will not significantly predict job satisfaction was upheld (t = 0.037, p > 0.05) and 2. Extraversion personality will not significantly predict job satisfaction among married women teachers was rejected (t = 5.027, p < 0.05). Findings, implications, suggestion for further research and recommendations were made. Such recommendations are that government should imitate programmes like orientation and counselling sections that will encourage teachers to work on their personality dispositions to enable them achieve greater satisfaction, motivation and productivity in their workplace

Keywords: Extraversion Personality, Job Satisfaction, Marital Stress, Married Women Teachers

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