Understanding Employee Motivation: The case of non-teaching staff of a public university.


The purpose of this study was to identify the motivation factors for non-teaching staff of a public university of Bangladesh. Further, it examined ranked importance of certain factors in motivating non-teaching staff of a public university of Bangladesh. The research design for this study employed a descriptive survey method. The target population of this study included non-teaching staff from Bursar and Admission Office of the university. The sample size included 55 employees of the target population. 49 employees of the 55 employees participated in the survey for a participation rate of 91%. a survey questionnaire was developed to collect data for the study. Data was collected through use of a written questionnaire hand-delivered to participants. Questionnaires were filled out by participants and returned to an intra-departmental mailbox. The findings of this research supported the idea that what motivated employees differed given the context in which the employee worked. What was clear, however, was that employees ranked pay as the most important motivational factor followed by full appreciation of work well done

Keywords: Hawthorne Studies, Hierarchy of needs, Hygiene factor, Motivation, Non-teaching staff

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