Buy-Back Examined by the Oil Industry in Iran


Iran’s oil ministry to develop its upstream and downstream industries, requires to invest in the current situation of high oil prices and the financial resources available supply of oil is But the sanctions purchasing oil from foreign investment by offering financial incentives for goodو In order to absorption necessary investment in technology and accelerate applications seems, Over the past decade, Iran has tried to introduce a new generation of buy-back contracts, part of the investment required and the appropriate technology to serve the petroleum industry to. Subject of contracts traded in Buy-Back, equipment, technical knowledge and providing facilities for the production of the importing country. The contracting parties to the transaction are agreed to by the seller, then the products produced by the facility, the cost of your purchase and to obtain, So Buy-Back contracts are being signed, the irrevocable, unconditional being, being gratuitous, the relationship between commodity export goods equipment and redemption of long-term, The main problem in deals Buy-Back describe the legal nature of the contract that is entered in this field, Buy-Back legal institutions such as: sales, swaps, co-option and rent similarities peace but Buy-Back Indeed, it is not any of these entities. Rather it is an independent legal entity. And take advantage of the new generation of materials that can achieve the goals of the Iranian oil industry, which has been referred to the twenty-year perspective

Keywords: Buy-Back, Develop oil and gas fields, International oil companies, The oil was

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