Aggressive Marketing and Product Performance in Nigeria a Case Study of the Telecommunication Industry


The drive to become successful in a stiff competitive market is what is making organization to adopt strong marketing strategies of which Aggressive marketing option becomes a part. The actual and perceived relationship between marketing strategies and organization performance are well documented in the literature through research reports. What is less focus on is this relationship as it affects telecommunication industry. This study therefore examined the effect of Aggressive marketing strategies on the product performance of telecommunication industry in Nigeria. The study made use of survey research design where well-structured questionnaires were employed. To give room for easy measurement of variables, a likert scale of strongly agreed to strongly disagree was adopted. The obtained data were analysed using simple percentage, descriptive statistics and validation of proposition was confirmed through regression model. The study revealed that marketing strategies has a significant effect on product performance with reference to Nigeria Industry, as most, if not all organizations adopt marketing strategies that affect customer patronage as well as the development of dynamic marketing strategies that reflect current state of customer preference. The paper, therefore, recommended that organization should embrace and enhance the development of state of the earth marketing strategies in order to remain afloat in competing future market.

Keywords: Aggressiveness, Marketing Strategies, Product and Performance

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