Using smart phones-based apps, computer applications and Geographic Information System (GIS) in real estate practice


The world has advanced technologically to the extent that information can be assessed anywhere around the globe in the comfort of ones living room. Moreso, with the coming of pandemic which also help advanced the course of online transaction, it becomes imperative to explore technological advancements that were made in order to navigate through those challenges. It is based on the above that this study explored the application of GIS vis-à-vis the use of GCP/GPS, phone-based apps, google earth interface, and others on real estate practice. The study illustrated practical steps taken via the use of GCP/GPS as well as google earth interface. The findings indicated that GCP/GPS can be used to gather location information of properties/location whereas the google earth interface can be used to do a variety of things, including getting directions and distance of places as well as measurement of length/areas of land and landed properties. It is expected that the illustrations provided will further help professionals especially who are yet to embrace the new way of carrying out certain task in relation to real estate will aid them in their service delivery.

Citation: Christian Osita  Ifediora and Dumebi Jessica Efobi (2022 ) Using Smart Phones-Based Apps, Computer Applications and Geographic Information System (GIS) In Real Estate Practice, British Journal of Environmental Sciences, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 32-45


Keywords: : GIS, GCP, GPS, Real Estate, professional practice


Article Review Status: Published

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