Assessment of Ceramic Sanitary Ware Patronage in South-West, Nigerian Market


Inordinate disposal of human waste is considered outdated, offensive and unacceptable in most civilized communities, because it disrupts environmental order. Different Sanitary wares products have been designed to hygienically dispose human fecal waste by separating man from disease causing filths. This paper examined the performance of Ceramic Sanitary Ware (CSW) in terms of user preference when compared with other waste management alternatives and factors influencing their choice. Questionnaires were administered to end-users of CSW to collect relevant data on the study. The data was later processed using statistical tools. Consequently, the relative importance index revealed that ease of cleaning (0.98), functionality (0.97), durability (0.97), price (0.96) and coziness (0.96) were the major factors influencing the choice of CSW by end-users in the study area.

Keywords: Sanitary, fecal, functionality and end-users, toilets

Article Review Status: Published

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