Influence of Automobile Commercial Activities on Nnewi Urban Development, Nnewi North L.G.A, Anambra State.


This research work was based on the growth and impacts of emerged Automobile Commercial activities in Nnewi urban development.  The research methods data collection were well structured questionnaires, oral interview and observation by the researcher. The data presentation was done using tables, pie chart and bar charts .Chi-square statistical technique was adopted in the analysis of the data. The study revealed that emerged Automobile commercial activities has a lot of impacts on Nnewi urban development. It was discovered development of Nnewi started with  the establishment it. The urbanization of Nnewi as a result commercial and industrial activities has led to urbanization in Nnewi problems .This urbanization  problems such increase in crime and insecurity, lack of infrastructures  also affect the growth of economic activities in Nnewi .Based  on the findings the researcher recommended that insecurity issues should be tackled, provision of infrastructures  and proper urban planning should be done in Nnewi

Keywords: Automobile, Commercial Activities, Urban Development, Urbanization

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