Physico-Chemical Analysis of Soils Proximate to Artisanal Refining Plants in Southern Nigeria


The physico-chemical analysis of the impacted soil in Bodo community was carried out due to severe degradation of the environment and the aesthetic destruction of the terrestrial environment, the need to access the effect of non-conventional refining plants on the physico-chemical parameters of the soil. The pH, conductivity, total nitrogen, phosphate, cation exchange capacity and so on were analyzed using the standard method. From the result, it was observed that the impacted soil recorded mean and standard error as 54.1258 and 24.162 respectively while the non-impacted soil recorded 18.4176 and 6.323 respectively. Amongst the physical parameters, soil textural analysis revealed that the soil is mainly sandy loamy and small percentage of clay loamy. This therefore requires appropriate remediation measures to avoid infiltration into the groundwater.

Keywords: Impacted, artisanal, physico - chemical

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