CSR for Conflict Resolution in Niger Delta Oil and Gas Industry


An ethnographic research method that allows for a blend of aspects of qualitative and quantitative investigations was adopted in this study to establish whether both the oil prospecting companies and their host communities have the same view that mutual coexistence between the two parties is very feasible and relatively cheaper via excellent CSR practices by the oil companies. CSR, an acronym that stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, is the persistent commitment by a business organization to ethically behave to contribute maximally to the economic and environmental advancement of the quality of life of its workforce and the society, particularly the host communities. It was hypothesized that excellent CSR practice by the oil companies might be a potent solution to the violent crisis that has unfortunately characterized the relationship between oil prospecting companies and their host, the oil producing communities in the Niger Delta. The effectiveness of seven indicators of CSR as perceived by the oil corporations and the oil-producing areas in the resolution of the brutal conflicts in the Niger Delta were empirically investigated. A large sample of 2,487 was drawn by proportional stratified random sampling technique from the host communities and oil companies for the study. Results showed an overwhelming discrepancy between oil companies’ staff and oil producing areas indigenes for each of the seven CSR indicators. While host communities absolutely or strongly favored adoption of CSR as a viable strategy for ending the crisis and ensuring ultimate peace in the Niger Delta; the staff of oil prospecting companies held a diametrically opposite view. It is therefore recommended very strongly that oil producing companies in the Niger Delta should accord primary attention to excellent CSR practices to guarantee mutual peaceful coexistence and optimum oil production in the Niger Delta Region.

Keywords: CSR, Conflict Resolution, Niger-Delta, Oil Indicators of CSR, Oil and gas industry, Oil prospecting companies

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