Geochemical, Provenance Tectonic Setting, Source- Area Weathering And Maturity Status of Tar Sandsfrom Ode Aye Area of Ondo State, Southwestern, Nigeria


The geochemistry of the major oxides, provenance and tectonic setting as well as the maturity status of the Ode Aye bitumen-impregnated sand (tar sand) are presented in this study. Silica oxide (SiO2 ) is dominant and ranges between 66.36 and 94.29 wt %. In a descending order, Al2O3 > Fe2O3 > TiO2 .Their association suggests a relationship with clay minerals. The results of the calculations of log (SiO2/Al2O3) < 1.5 and log ((Fe2O3+MgO)/(K2O+Na2O)) > 0 support the classification conditions of the sediments as lithic arenites. Sediments plotted in the passive continental margin as well as granite gneiss provenance field collaborating with continental sands (lithic arenites) that are of ferromagnesian potassic type. Granite and gneisses provenance probably provided the source sediments that were deposited in the passive margin that created favourable conditions for accumulation and maturation of organic matter in the studied area. The sediments however are immature and they tend towards chemical maturity due to their formation under semi humid and humid conditions.

Keywords: Ferromagnesian potassic, Immature sediments, Lithic arenite, Passive margin

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