Teaching Writing Courses through Online Education during COVID


In its Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4), it professes that Technology can adhere to Educational access to everyone, decrease the digital divide, supplement teachers with supporting aids, improve the quality of learning and the learner. With the current COVID situation, the teaching learning methodology has to be revamped. The present status of learning pedagogy among learners calls for immediate action. This demands a transition in the teaching and learning process. The face to face classroom teaching has been changed to online teaching. Students are no longer moving towards stationary buildings. They are immobile with technology transporting educational materials to their living rooms and bedrooms. This paper attempts to check whether Writing skill can be taught through online mode during this COVID crisis. A total of 300 students participated in the study. The main objective was to find out the effectiveness of teaching writing through online education. The findings revealed that the majority of students developed their writing skill to the proficiency level. The result of the study is that teachers can encourage students to learn writing through online mode and develop their proficiency level.

Citation: Elgoudman K.S. and Sahmi A.O. (2022) Teaching Writing Courses through Online Education during COVID, British Journal of English Linguistics, Vol.10, Issue 5, pp.8-13


Keywords: COVID, Teaching, online education, writing courses

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37745/bjel.2013/vol10n5813

Article Review Status: Published

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