The Effects of the (2020) Wage Increase in Improving the University Professors’ working conditions in Sudan.


The aim of this study is to determine the positive impact of the current Sudan general state budget of (2020) on the overall university professors’ working conditions. Recently the Sudan budget which included the public – sector pay raise declaration reached to one hundred percent has been announced. Due to the inflation rate that hit a record and reached out to % 64.3 during the month of January 2020, the country has been witnessing a huge increase of basic needs prices and shortages including food, beverage, bread and fuel. Additionally, the country has also attested a deterioration of the exchange rate of the national currency (Sudanese pound) against the U.S. dollars compounded by a black market. Therefore, increasing university professors’ wages in general with the continuation of the current circumstances seems to have very little impact on their satisfactions, and it is difficult for the majority to deal with this situation. In this study the researcher is attempting to shed lights on glimmer of hope the 2020 budget declaration may have on the unknown soldiers working diligently in a poor educational environment, who deserve our highest admiration and gratitude for a job well done during the last three decades. To conduct the present study, a qualitative research methodology is adapted through which the researcher interviews a sample of professors who are randomly selected from the above – mentioned universities.  The researcher displays the study results as well as the findings and the necessary recommendations immediately following the data collection process. Finally, the study resulted into the following consequences:

  1. Among the most common challenges facing professors at both public and private universities as well as colleges are issues of poorly payments, transportation crisis, and the increasing prices of the major commodities.
  2. University professors’ working conditions are far better at public sector compared to private sector for the following reasons: first, those working at public sector have self-career development and training opportunities. Second, most private sector institutions ignore any kind of expenditure on training programs.

Keywords: Budget, Private Sector, Public Sector, increasing of wages, university professor

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