The Fact of Cohesion and Coherence in Textual Harmony


Texts, in their various forms are not created in a vacuum, but they are contents of certain messages which the reader decodes for use. Being language use in naturally occurring situations, a text involves meaningful linguistic manipulations as well as ideational and interpersonal interaction in its realization in what is expressed as cohesion and coherence in textual building. Every meaningful text is an embodiment of cohesive network within the discourse (internal) and the other experimental (external) factors in the making and understanding of such a text. In this paper, we closely examine what a text is and made a case for its interchangeable use with discourse without contradictions. Much attention is also given to the cohesive devices which form the main network of links, ties and chains within a linguistic text but with the evidences that a text may be cohesively well-structured without the status of a coherent text which is the ultimate. Finally, a pedagogical intervention is recommended to cushion the problem associated with the acquisition of the required knowledge of cohesion and coherence in textual creation.

Keywords: Discourse, Text, Textual Harmony, coherence, cohesion

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