Language Ego as a Barrier in English Language Acquisition among Arab University Students


To eliminate barriers created by language ego and other restraints in Arab learners of English, tutors should understand the mechanism of these restrains. This study explored the concept of language ego and the extent to which it acts as a barrier to second language learning among Arab learners of English. Data was collected using a questionnaire and analyzed quantitatively using data analysis tool of Microsoft Excel. Results confirmed that language ego is a barrier to the learning of English among Arab learners of the second language. Results confirmed that Arab learners of English have thick language ego that acts as a barrier to second language learning. The pedagogical implications of the results of this study are that teachers are supposed to be patient with second language learners and be supportive of them.

Keywords: Affective Factors, Arab Learners of Second Language, Ego Boundaries, Language Ego

Article Review Status: Published

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