Foregrounding the Theme of Shallowness in the Hollow Men: A Stylistic Analysis


This paper aims to analyze The Hollow Men through Stylistic Analysis at the levels of graphology, phonology, morphology and the lexico-syntactic to foreground the hollowness and emptiness of the universe after the traumatic situation of world wars. All language choices used by the poet lead towards the shallowness, despair, vagueness, nothingness and inability of love for the universe/ people. The people are detached from nature, one another, and live in a place which is dead, cactus, and barren of any spiritual presence just like the people of that land as what Singh (2013) and Urquhart (2010) pointed out in their studies.

Keywords: Graphology, Lexico-Syntactic, Morphology, Phonology, Shallow., Stylistic Analysis

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