Assessment of the Pronunciation of Saudi Students of English through Different Types of Testing Procedures (Experimental Study: Albaha University)


This paper pursues the assessment of the pronunciation of Saudi University students of English through a repertoire of testing methods including oral and paper-pencil tests. Assessment aims to measure the correspondence between these testing methods and the performance of students. An oral test and paper-pencil tests were conducted as two different testing methods to provide data in the topic at issue. Moreover, impressionistic questionnaire was distributed to both teachers and students of English to express their own point of view in relation to these testing procedures. Results revealed that Saudi score higher marks via a paper-pencil test than in an oral test. This suggests that students show poor performance in oral tests probably because the oral-based assessment of English pronunciation demands a more natural conduct from students. The use of different testing methods is more representative of the pronunciation abilities than a single method.

Keywords: Assessments, Oral Test, Paper-Pencil Test, Pronunciation, Pursue, Reading Aloud, Robust

Article Review Status: Published

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