English for Non-Teaching Staffers of Qassim University, Ksa: The Need of the Hour


English language has attained the status of International language. It has deeply entrenched itself in science and technology disciplines and has spread its tentacles to such subjects as computers, communication of diverse kinds, international communication between nations. There is now a pressing need to learn this language in its different orientations – English for Business Purposes (henceforward EBP), English for Medical Purposes (henceforward EMP), English for Professional Purposes (EPP), English for Special/ Specific Purposes (henceforward ESP) and so on. For each category of purpose, there is syllabus matching the need. The present study is to explore the status of EPP which is part of ESP as it is now being practised in some countries more than in developing countries. Research has been made in this area in some countries by quite a few researchers and their views or arguments or opinions about utility and use of EPP that is included in ESP will be gathered by survey of available literature. The researchers have selected non-teaching staffers (henceforward NTS) of Qassim University, KSA for gathering relevant data, to be supplemented by informal discussions and semi-structured interviews of officers as, in many cases, these staffers/ employees have failed to communicate with non-Arabic speaking people who are presently working/ teaching at the University with regard to leave, contract renewal, resignation, delay in payment, other terms and conditions, perquisites and repairs or replacement of assets, tools, library books and so on.

Keywords: English for Professional Purpose (EPP); English for Special Purposes (ESP); Needs Analysis; Pedagogy; Genres; Profession; Proficiency

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