Authenticity in the Language Classroom and its Effect on ELF Learners’ Language Proficiency


Authentic materials is one of the best materials that can be used in teaching and learning process in classroom in order to enhance the learners’ language skills and proficiency.The aim of this study is to identify the use of authentic materials in the language classroom and its effects on ELF learners’ language skills and proficiency. Two types of questionnaires were designed for the students and the teachers in the English language department as a research tools to collect data, besides classroom observation was implemented. This study was conducted during the first semester of the academic year (2022- 2023). The total sample of this study was (50) respondents, (10) English language lecturers and (40) female students from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Hail – Shimli Branch. An analytical descriptive approach was used. The findings of the study indicate that authentic materials are more appropriate for enhancing English language proficiency, also they can engage and motivate students and associating them to real world of using language.

Citation: Mohammed A. M.K.A (2023) Authenticity in the Language Classroom and its Effect on ELF Learners’ Language Proficiency, British Journal of Education, Vol.11, Issue 1,78-87


Keywords: ELF Learners, Language Proficiency, authentic materials, communicative competence. learning environment.


Article Review Status: Published

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