Teachers Perception Towards Effectiveness of Teaching Practice in Improving Student Teachers Teaching Skills in Monduli District, Tanzania


The study investigated teachers’ perception towards effectiveness of teaching practices in improving student teachers teaching skills in Monduli District Tanzania. The study used Social change theory developed by Anthony Smith’s in 1973.The study adopted a convergent design under the mixed methods. The target population was 691 of public primary school teachers found in Monduli District, Tanzania that covered 63 public primary schools. The sample drawn from the target population was 6 head of schools and 94 public primary school teachers which taken from 6 primary schools through stratified and simple random sampling equivalent to 12.5% (Ogula, 2009). The self-administered questionnaires used for data collection from sampled participants. Additionally, reliability coefficient was calculated using Cronbach’s Alpha with acceptable scale of 0.78 and data was analyzed using means, frequencies, and percentages and presented in table form with the aid of Statistic Package of Social Science Version25. The qualitative data were summarized, coded, analyzed and presented in narration form according to the themes generated from research question. The findings of study revealed that, majority of teachers had positive perception towards teaching practice in improving teaching skills, which concluded that teaching practice is essential to student teachers in equipped with sufficient teaching skills like in harmonize theory and practice, learning life skills around community and also practice communication skills that enabled in development of teaching competence in their profession. Also, minority of teachers had negative perception on teaching practice which student teachers failed to demonstrate teaching skills such as dealing with teaching challenges and use of appropriate communication skills. The study recommended that colleges should continue emphasize student teachers to harmonize theory and practice during teaching practice to acquire skills necessary in teaching profession. The school should give priority on school leadership and management duties so that student teachers to be able to acquire leadership and management skills.

Nemburis Laizer; Bahiya Abdi; Kezia J. Mashingia (2022) Teachers Perception Towards Effectiveness of Teaching Practice in Improving Student Teachers Teaching Skills in Monduli District, Tanzania, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 12, pp.77-89

Keywords: : Teaching practice, Student Teachers, Teaching Skills

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37745/bje.2013/vol10n127789

Article Review Status: Published

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