Perception of Undergraduate Students towards the Use of Google Classroom Application for Online Learning in the 21st Century


This paperwork studied undergraduate students’ perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness towards the use of Google Classroom Application for online learning in the 21st Century. To guide the study, two objectives, two research questions and two null hypotheses were formulated. The study design implemented descriptive analytic survey. 400 level students in session 2019/2020 of Faculty of Education in University of Port Harcourt among Four Department were the study population consisting five hundred and ninety (590). Proportionate stratified sampling techniques was used to select the sample size of one hundred and seventy-five (175). 106 instruments were properly filled and returned (male 57and female 49). A self-developed instrument named ‘Google Classroom Perceive Ease and Perceive Usefulness Questionnaire (GPEUQ)’ was used in gathering data for the aim of the study. Internal consistency of the instruments was determined using Cronbach alpha method at Co-efficient of 0.78 was the interna; consistency of the instrument. The result showed students perceived ease of use mean score of 2.77508 and standard deviation of 1.04639 at mean criterion of 2.50 which implies that undergraduate students perceived the use of Google classroom app as easy to use while the perceived usefulness at the mean score of 2.94 and standard deviation of 0.99 at criterion mean of 2.50 shows that undergraduate students perceived Google classroom app as useful. The two hypotheses indicated there is no significant difference in Perceive Ease of use among male and female undergraduate students towards the use of Google classroom app as t (104) = 1.601 p >0.05, i.e., p = 0.113 is greater than 0.05 for the perceived usefulness. Recommendations by the researcher are since students finds Google Classroom Application as easy to use and very useful, teachers should develop more engaging and interactive content and use digital tools such as Google Classroom to teach. Also, teachers should learn more other digital tools which will be useful and easy for students to learn online, by so doing students will be exposed to numerous learning tools available for learning.

Keywords: Google classroom app, Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, online learning

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