Investigation into Secondary School Students Attitude to Science in North Central, Nigeria


This study is an investigation into the attitudes secondary school students towards Science in the North Central Geo-political Zone, Nigeria. In this study, One thousand, six hundred and sixty three (1,663) students consisting of 963 Males and 700 Females, 900 Christians and 763 Moslems were selected from 6 states in the North Central Geopolitical Zone. A stratified random sampling method was adopted in arriving at the sample. The researchers through this method ensured that both urban and rural schools were represented, as well as single sex and co-educational schools to take care of the gender variable. The study was guided by a research question and hypothesis and the findings showed that 84.25% of the students has a positive attitude towards science and that gender has no influence on students’ attitude towards science in the north central, geopolitical Zone, Nigeria. The educational implications based on the findings were discussed and a number of recommendations were presented.

Keywords: Attitudes, Science, secondary school students

Article Review Status: Published

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