The Development of Medical Teaching Materials of Caricature Categories In Learning Skills of Writing Argumentation of MTs Students Muhammadiyah 29 Padangsidimpuan


The product of this research is teaching material in the form of a caricature media learning guide with the aim of students being able to write essays of argumentation, which are arranged systematically. The paper used is A4 size. Media Teaching Materials Image Caricature has three parts, namely CHAPTER I, CHAPTER II, and CHAPTER III. The first part is the presentation of the outer cover, introduction, learning objectives, introduction, table of contents, and the purpose of learning caricature media with the aim of students being able to write essays of argumentation. On the outer cover, the section consists of the title of the book, the author and the target of the book. Title “Learning of Argument Writing Writing Skills”. Development Method uses the R & D cycle development method of Borg and Gall. The target of the research is 7st grade students of SMP / Mts. Product learning skills essay writing skills by using caricature picture learning media validated by a team of material experts and learning methods. Results of the reliability of teaching materials Learning skills in writing arguments worthy of argumentation without revision to be used as teaching material. The effectiveness of the learning, included in the good category, is seen from the value of the average ability of students to write an argumentation essay, namely 77.67.

Keywords: development; medical teaching material; caricature categories

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