Managing the Challenges Associated With the Organization of Workshops at University of Education, Winneba


Using the theory of adult learning, this study examined management challenges associated with the organization of workshops at University of Education, Winneba. A sample of 150, made up of academic staff of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) participated in the survey. Questionnaires were used to gather data from randomly selected the University lecturers. Descriptive statistics was employed in the data analysis. The results revealed that participants agreed that complex workshop session guides and inadequate period or time for workshop training sessions in the University major challenges affecting their career development sessions. Averagely, 74% advocated for repetition of workshops to enhance mastery of learning outcomes, timely availability or workshop learning materials, decentralizing training workshops, accommodation of participants views, and integration of computer technology into training sessions. The study has concluded that career development initiatives that fail to account for adult learning characteristics might not deliver efficient workshop sessions. Strategies to overcome HRD programs in adult learning settings and recommendations had been provided for the consideration of higher education professionals.

Keywords: adult learning theory, higher education administration, workshop session

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