Climate Change and Social Conflict: Migration of Fulani Herdsmen and the Implications in Nigeria


The paper is on climate change and social conflict: Migration of Fulani Herdsmen and the implication on the Nigerian state. Climate change on the North-East has triggered migration of Fulani Herdsmen, with several negative impact on short and long- term. The principle target of the investigation is to inspect the level of environmental change, asses the level of migration as it affect grazing area in parts of Nigeria. The study employed descriptive qualitative content analyses, basically on secondary sources of data and the internet was consulted, using conflict theories as a theoretical tool for analysis. One major finding is that violent herdsmen conflict is mainly due to emigration of herdsmen from the North-East. We therefore recommend governments to set aside land for effective ranching.

Keywords: Climate Change, herdsmen and migration

Article Review Status: Published

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